001 - Pan In On

001 – Pan In On

Please excuse the temporarily unfinished look of this page, there’s still a lot of mucking about with templates going on. Comics will be going up Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at least for now. Shouldn’t have any delays for a while as there are currently 39 pages finished and waiting to go. Hope you enjoy!

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  1. [...] The only downside is that I’m not a big fan of the whole “aliens are humans with funny bumps on their heads” thing. But everyone else always does it anyway (including me), so eh, I’ll keep reading. And for visitors who find this post, go ahead and start reading the excellent Intragalactic at the beginning. [...]

  2. [...] by some existing familiarity with (and slightly-bemused fondness for) the author’s webcomics Intragalactic and Gorgeous Princess Creamy Beamy. A feature of those is a tendency to go for dense, zany [...]