015 - School Days

015 – School Days

Axl’s species is fully amphibious, so they can live either under water or out of water indefinitely.   They evolved to live in deep, narrow gullies that were flooded part of the year, and thus have both gills and lungs.  The tadpole stage occurs just as the floodwaters are receding, and needs to spend a few months in brackish leftover pools before growing legs.    The species as a whole tends to have a rather hippie-ish culture from an Earth perspective, with an “easy come, easy go” view of possessions – torrential flooding is likely to wash away anything you own, and new things from upriver replace them.   Of course, few members of the species actually live in the ancestral gullies now, but there are plenty of psychological remnants of their predecessors still in their mental landscapes.

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