023 - Engine Trouble

023 – Engine Trouble

Since doing this one, I’ve become pretty sure that this joke with the wacky disappearing engine has been done before – darn if I can remember where though. Oh well.

Since I don’t like turkey or… any of the traditional foods really, tomorrow is officially Parade Day! When three hours of television boils down to about twenty minutes of quality viewing. This year I’m thankful for TiVo. Sure, the occasional visit with Masi Oka or an Avenue Q puppet is nice, but the real stars of the parade are the balloons. And seeing the hosts try to react to cartoon characters they’ve never heard of. A couple years ago it was “those two glam rockers, Hi Puffy and Ami Yumi!” This year it’ll be… I don’t know, what’s cool right now? Angular CGI Yoda? Sonic the Werewolf?

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