The Capty Awards!

The Capty Awards!

Each year, the starship captains of the Intragalactic Iced Treats Distribution Concern gather at the San Tarantino Civic Glitzatorium for the Capty Awards, honoring the greatest feats of captaining in the past year. Categories include -

Best Captain (overall)
Best Feat of Daring
Best Violation of the Primary Ordinance
Best Seduction of Non-Earthling Babe/Hunk (changed from “Alien Babe/Hunk” last year for clarity purposes so captains of non-earthling descent couldn’t claim eligibility for seductions of humans since “from our perspective, they’re the aliens”.)
Best Ensign Death
Most Ensign Deaths
Funniest Ensign Death
Most Exceptional Crew Member (non-televised, awarded across town in cafeteria of Alan Keyes Middle School.)

And the technical awards:

Most Anomalies On Viewscreen (cumulative)
Most Anomalies On Viewscreen (at one time)
Best Support Garment (merging last year’s Best Girdle and Best Truss categories).
Best Animation in a Holo-Simulation
Nuclearest Wessels
Most Ice Cream Given Out Which Is Actually Supposed To Be The Whole Point Of This Thing We’re Doing Anyway

Among currently active captains, Benjamin has the second-largest haul of Capties.

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