034 - Cosmic Rays

034 – Cosmic Rays

The other days at Toys (Untypeable Symbol) Us, I noticed there was a whole wall of Bakugan stuff, amazingly not on clearance the way most of the rest of the store was. Usually I try to stay hip with what the young folks are doing these days, but I’m kind of flabbergasted at its popularity. It’s just so … generic. Little plastic bits, cards, and a cartoon with some spiky kid. How long did it take them to come up with that?

Now Pokemon, that was a collectible-monster-related wad-of-consumables-and-media for the ages! One that’s still going a decade after being largely dismissed by the so-called “experts” in the field of hotology-or-not as a transient fad, I might point out. Will Bakugan last as long as its venerable precursor, lodging itself tenaciously in the public consciousness like a plastic dinosaur-marble-thing in a child’s throat? Or will it quickly expire, like said child? Only time will tell.

But at least Bratz will march ahead of it, wielding a glittering machete, and clearing its path to hell.

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