038 - K-I-O-S-K Spells Quality

038 – K-I-O-S-K Spells Quality

On Monday night Krepta and I were having a little constitutional and we came across a couple of wandering monsters, er, drunks, looking for a club that was in the area. They were off by about five blocks, but I knew where it was because I’d been to a poetry reading there. You see how I slip that in so you know what a hip and cultured person I am. So we had to guide them there and it was the BEST ESCORT QUEST EVER.

One of them kept yelling “let’s go get drunk!” even though she was already more booze than human, and kept wandering off in various directions heedless of whether there was traffic there. She reminded me a lot of this little fellow. The other one kept yelling at us like we were minions every time her friend wandered off, and whacked me with her purse because I didn’t give her a good enough hug on request.

Eventually we managed to steer them into a bar that was open and tip off the bartender that they needed a ride home, so hopefully they got into a taxi or something. They didn’t seem to have a car, so that wasn’t a problem. Though I do wonder in retrospect how they came to be weaving around stinking drunk in a neighborhood with no bars and no visible means of transport.

I wonder what their Tuesday morning was like, or if they remember us at all? Oh well, ships that stagger past you in the night.

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