040 - Sales Pressure: 1000 Atmospheres!

040 – Sales Pressure: 1000 Atmospheres!

In kind-of-important news, I’m in the middle of a rather large (128 pages) project which you will see sometime or other (quite possibly in actual print, but with the precarious state of everything in general and the comics industry specifically nowadays, nothing is certain). Unfortunately that means Intragalactic production has slowed dramatically, and I’m going to run out of prepared strips before I finish. So five weeks from now, Intragalactic will be stopping for a while – there are actually more strips than that, but rather that get down to the wire I’ll break at a natural point in the story and work on building a buffer on the other side. This is also the reason there have been hardly any Creamy Beamy strips, for those of you who read that – I’d like to start putting more of those out too, post-project.

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