043 - S.Y.P.D.

043 – S.Y.P.D.

She’s a two-fisted 19-year-old police force veteran who goes by the book.

He’s a hotshot 17-year-old rookie who goes by a slightly updated edition of the book with some revisions and an expanded afterword.

The two of them teamed up to kick ass and lose their virginity… and they’re all out of virginity.

They’re Spears and Samu, officers of the S.Y.P.D.!

Much as the barbers of old used to also be surgeons, the passing of time has combined the occupations of policework and modeling. Though it’s difficult to remain in S.Y.P.D. much past age 21, there are more general police agencies like G.L.P.D. (Good-Looking Police Force) and others.

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