075 - Under The Sea

075 – Under The Sea

Today I got to see the video “Work Smart”, as part of some dingus way up the chain of command’s initiative to improve worker performance. This takes the form of mandatory weekly classes on how the store is like your family. Your family that can fire you!

“Work Smart” is about a woman carrying a bag of bagels through a mall and lecturing us on how we can be “Work Smart” and get ahead by using little tricks they may not teach you in the manual – secret techniques like being on time and having a can-do attitude.

I think there’s only one thing that could motivate me more than that video, and that’s the upcoming module on “The S.M.I.L.E. System”. Nothing fans the flames of excellence like deciding what you want the acronym to be and then making up words to fit it after the fact, like a comic-book terrorist group. Presumably it’s the Super-Malevolent Impish League of Evil, and its purpose is to kill Wolverine.

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