090 - Homme Fatale

090 – Homme Fatale

Things I learned about cigarettes while working at the store:

-A lot of the more famous brands (Lucky Strikes, Chesterfields, Phillip Morris) are a lot less popular than I would have guessed, and aren’t even carried. Of course I was very familiar with Camel because of all those news stories growing up about how they were trying to corrupt me with cartoons, but apparently hardly anyone buys them. Mostly people buy whatever’s cheapest. Maybe my data is skewed because the store is in the poorest part of town?

-You can get FLAVORED cigarettes. This blew my mind. Cigarettes come in grape, cherry and peach flavors! Seriously! Technically, these are cigarillos, not cigarettes, but both suffixes mean “small”. Unless cigarettes are supposed to be girls?

-They’re expensive as hell. Don’t smoke, kids! It will seriously cut into your beer fund.

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