115 - Fornication's a Nick-Creatin'

115 – Fornication’s a Nick-Creatin’

Naked Mole Rat Weird Fun Facts:

- Naked mole rats are eusocial colony animals, like bees. They’re one of only a couple kinds of mammals with this social structure.
- Naked mole rats are the only cold-blooded mammal.
- Naked mole rats are the longest-lived rodent.
- Naked mole rats are immune to certain kinds of pain (from acid, for instance).
- Naked mole rats live on gigantic underground tubers. They eat the insides and hollow them out, slowly, giving them time to grow back so they can feed on them indefinitely. Naked mole rat:potato::eagle:Prometheus, for you SAT takers out there.
- Naked mole rats don’t actually talk with a Bart Simpson voice. That’s just a bit of Disney razzle-dazzle!

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