134 - Body Stockings vs Skins

134 – Body Stockings vs Skins

I wonder if I’m the only person who likes Startropics II? Yeah, it’s frustrating when Mikey jumps diagonally into space or falls off a platform or loses two-thirds of his health to multiple hits from a low-level rat, but there’s something charming about the way it blends sort-of-like-Zeldaness with kind-of-like-an-RPGness-but-not-really with humor-except-not-that-funny. I think I just talked myself out of liking it. You know what was a good game? River City Ransom.

I do enjoy Startropics II for all the little touches, all the little things that say ‘this could have been a really enduring franchise if the gameplay didn’t suck’. Traveling to different times, fighting cactus golems, baby mummies, and Yum Yum, drinking the Red Eye sarsparilla…

Plus there’s Cleopatra. She can horf down an entire large pizza in twenty seconds. And she is a knockout!

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