136 - Aren't You A Little Nude For A Stormtrooper?

136 – Aren’t You A Little Nude For A Stormtrooper?

The Enstant models would probably survive better if they were more observant. Sure, the Enstant Corporation may boast “The Light That Burns Half As Bright AND Half As Long!”, but even they may be rethinking that slogan after last year’s dismal performance record. Thirteen product recalls by companies relying heavily on Enstant Enspectors. Three major studio productions shut down due to the complete inability of Enstant Engenues to learn lines longs than half a sentence. A rare species of ant wipes out by Enstant Ensectivores. The ridiculousness of trying to market Enstant Ensectivores in the first place, a decision the Enstant Corporation blamed on its in-house Enstant Ennovators. And then there was a whole “selling unprogrammed clone matter as ‘Enstant Mashed Potatos’” scandal. It’s no wonder consumers are flocking in droves to Sunny Select Soldiers and other superior and less expensive store brands.

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