142 - One More Two Borg, Please

142 – One More Two Borg, Please

The first of a number of sporadic standalones while I work on Pepper. (And by the way did I mention you can totally buy Widgey Q. Butterfluff now? So please, you know, do, and everything.

A wowtastic new piece of fanart today, from JT of Between Failures! Super thanks!

I’ve been reading Afterschool Charisma recently. It’s quite interesting – take the premise of Clone High (almost exactly, down to some of the same historical figures featuring prominently), but make it a way more serious mystery thriller sort of thing. Looking at the two series together is a good study in how the same idea can go in totally different directions. The character design choices are radically different too. Clone Hight made most of the minor characters look like what they looked like when they were famous, even though they were supposed to be teenagers. Afterschool Charisma is nothing but bishoujou and -nen. All of them, up and including Cute Teenage Bishy Hitler, are pretty much interchangeable except for the hair. It’s about the only complaint I have about the series so far, really.

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