150 - Femail

150 – Femail

You can always rely on a Silver Age comic to serve up a heaping plate of totally nuts. Case in point, Wonder Woman issue #111, “The Robot Wonder Woman”. Wonder Wonder is tricked into agreeing to a showdown with a potential robotic replacement invented by “Dr. Menace” , on the condition that she’ll go back to Paradise Island if she loses. Then Dr. Menace reveals the terms of the contest – a test to see who can stay awake the longest. Twenty-three days later, in the center of a stadium filled with enthusiastic onlookers, Wonder Woman finally nods off and Dr. Menace has the robot steal all the ticket money. The story raises some interesting questions, such as, 1) they were able to fill a stadium with people willing to pay money to watch Wonder Woman fighting sleep? For three weeks? And 2), sure was lucky that there was no actual crime of the sort that would require a superhero for the better part of a month, wasn’t it?

The very next issue, “Wonder Girl In: The Chest of Monsters”, contains this neat little quote about science:

“Science SEEMS to work like magic sometimes, Bonnie! But the difference is that science has an explanation for its ‘magic’!”

That’s actually kind of pithy and spot-on, even if it is coming up in the context of ‘since cold causes metal to contract, absolute zero causes metal objects to become microscopic’. At least they were trying, Hera bless ‘em.

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