151 - The Great Benjini and Screwy

151 – The Great Benjini and Screwy

Still better than Jeff Dunham though.

Speaking of weird Silver Age stuff, here is a comic recommendation for you! When SLG was having a sale, I got Doris Danger Giant Monster Adventures, it’s really good! It perfectly captures the feel of crazy old comics where giant monsters are stomping on everything. The titular character is a journalist who’s trying to prove the existence of giant monsters, of which there are several dozen apparently attacking major cities and destroying the army at all times. My favorites were Spoosh, the Giant Who Likes to Grab Airplanes, and Aahblaah, the Creature Who Defied All Science … By Punching! If that’s your thing you should definitely get it (if you’re already gotten your copy of Widgey, of course)!

I found something really fun at the library too, I will tell you all about that next time!

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