158 - I Was A Teenage Me

158 – I Was A Teenage Me

Currently reading: big pile of dirt-cheap Archie Comics Double Digests. As they’re mostly reprints from the company’s entire 60-something-year history, you get a pretty schizophrenic reading experience, as a story featuring Archie learning extreme sports from his friend “Rad Chad” leads directly into one where he’s in a bow tie and Betty and Veronica are in dresses. (Also in the extreme retro division – stories labeled “Josie and the Pussycats” which are clearly from the pre-Pussycat “She’s Josie” era. You’re not fooling anyone but your intended audience, Archie Comics!)

And what do we find in a copy of Jughead’s Double Digest? An ad for Sabrina comics “for you Magna fans out there!” This is from 2005. Archie Comics keeps the spirit of lightly-researched mid-nineties print newspaper Lifestyle sections alive into the 21st century!

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