169 - Unique

169 – Unique

If I ever get an internet law named after me, I would like it to be this one: The Wikipedia article for any particular movie/TV episode that includes content that brushes on someone’s fetish WILL be written by people with that fetish, since they’re the ones with the most interest. (And trust me, all you normal people out there: EVERYTHING touches on some fetish or other.) Obviously this holds true less for really popular things, i.e., the page for Inception is probably relatively free of the writing of hardcore top fetishes (a.k.a. spinners, spinnees, and begomaniacs), but the less well known something is, the more likely it is that it’s only known today by a handful of people to whom it is the absolute holy grail of everything. I’m talking to YOU, person who was obviously typing that Gumby episode summary with one hand.

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