173 - Giblicious

173 – Giblicious

And now for more about Archie. If you don’t care about Archie, well, there’s a new Creamy Beamy today too. We’re into the home stretch now.

Misterkitty.org, in their Stupid Comics section (highly amusing – go check it out!) notes a shocking instance of textual alteration in a Betty and Veronica double digest. Well, if you have a pile of those digests, you’ll start to notice that they do that all the time, and the weird thing is it’s always in those same strange, blocky letters that look nothing like the original font, so it’s really obvious. Sometimes you can guess what the original must have been (Archie talks about DVDs while carrying a pile of what are probably records – Betty’s babysitting for a girl whose parents are doing some “last minute Chanukkah shopping”) but other times it’s just baffling. Why? And why is it always so clumsily done?
In at least one instance, not only is “I’ll call Cheryl Blossom” changed into “I’ll call Ginger Lopez”, but the panel itself is redrawn, in a style jarringly different from the original, to feature Ginger. Was our mystery censor called upon to perform this task as well?
I like Cheryl Blossom (she’s like the Super Saiyan form of Veronica) so I don’t cotton to this Ginger-washing of her legacy. Fortunately, she’s back now and apparently participating in a “Battle of the BFFs”, along with Ginger and the others. So that’s all right then.

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