181 - Mission Inadvisable

181 – Mission Inadvisable

I was actually mildly interested in this when I first heard about it. Then I saw the trailer and guess what? It’s another one of those “movies that came out this year — the movie!” dealies, craftily not calling itself Vampire Movie in an effort to lure me in to a bounty of pointless skits based on the trailers of Toy Story 3 and Inception and whatever else is currently or recently in theaters. Because god knows there’s not enough silly stuff in Twilight to just do a parody of that.

One of the other trailers for it contained blurbs from “Ivana Tinkle” and “Hugh Jass”. You know everybody hated it when they have to get their rave reviews from crank calls to Moe’s. But as terrible as they are right now, though, the ongoing crop of spoof movies is going to be very interesting in forty or fifty years, when they’ll function as a kind of pop-cultural time capsule. We’ll be able to watch them and see a cross-section of everything that was part of the pop culture in the year that it was born, from the things that went on to be treasured classics to the detritus that was forgotten after its opening weekend. I guess in the long run, they’re a good thing (and it’s not as if anyone is making me go see them, anyway).

But here’s something better to watch: The Big Girl, a beautifully animated student film. As you can probably guess from the title, I have ulterior motives for liking this one, but seriously, it’s awesome for everyone. Gorgeous blending of stop-motion and drawn animation, starring a kick-ass heroine.

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