201 - The Smog My Destination

201 – The Smog My Destination

(Update: Amazon is listing Pepper Penwell as being out now. Let’s hope the preorders go smoothly this time. If anyone hears anything from Amazon about it, please let me know!)

So they changed the zodiac all around today, apparently. I love when they arbitrarily screw with stuff like that, because it makes the future even more futurey when there are lots of little changes, the sort of things that you could imagine making up for your science-fiction novel set in the world just around the corner. And the new sign is a dude fighting a snake! It’s so metal! Congratulations, everyone who gets the snake-fighter-god-guy!

(Yeah, I know it’s been around for a long time and there’s actually two zodiacs and blah blah whatever. I’ll just be either an Aries or a Pisces depending on which stats I need at the time. Go Ophiuchus!)

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