Benjamin Glee

Captain Benjamin Glee
Noble captain of the mighty Neopolitan-class freighter “CVS-0008″ – long may its hallowed name ring in song and story! Benjamin’s interests include giving the enemies of Earth a good fisticuffing around the sense organs, seducing multi-hued space boys, and signing her publicity headshots.

Science Officer Piper Kaufman
An expert in xenobiology, especially parasites. One day, she got a little too close and her brain was gruesomely devoured by a newly-hatched alien worm which commandeered her body to survive. The resulting entity has a huge guilt complex as a result, not to mention crippling body image issues. Piper also doubles as the ship’s doctor.


Chief Engineer Rusty

An age-scarred veteran of over four hundred distinct wars, Rusty has spent the bulk of the last few centuries repairing pipes and wiring and finding what’s making that damn noise. Over 90% of the material in his body was originally shrapnel that was easier to hammer in than pull out.


Acting Navigator Axl

A lyrical child of Mother Water, Axl drifts through this life on an ethereal bed of clouds and pixie shavings, sending his musical emanations hither and yon throughout the universe. Primary function: the captain’s boy toy.


Morale Officer Poid
A handy device advertised as being able to execute any task, the extent of Poid’s abilities are as of yet unknown, but due to its chipper nature it was placed in the position of Morale Officer. So far it’s won acclaim for always having a metaphorical shoulder to cry on, and for the shareware copy of Grandma Poid’s Scrumptious Homemade Brownies on its harddrive. The secret ingredient is the application of heat!


A mysterious stowaway who claims to be a lost orphan. Adopted by Rusty, whose grasp on organic biology is loose enough that he doesn’t find it odd that the “little girl” in his charge has a full bosom and hips, and displays pictures of several generations of descendants on her dresser.