Piper, by C.J. Burgundy of Burgundy Comics. Really cute and shy-looking picture of Piper. This was drawn for Naked November, so I guess you shouldn’t look at it if you’re at work or the library or something.

Piper Kaufman, by Edgeling. Another picture of the popular Piper, sporting a slick new uniform!

Scatchi and Rusty, another great picture from Edgeling!

Benjamin Glee, another one from Edgeling. Love that super background!

Intragalactic, by Edgeling. Movie-poster style!

Piper Kaufman (again), by Edgeling. Very emotional Piper picture.

Piper Kaufman III, by Edgeling. Something a little different.

Piper Kaufman IV, by Edgeling. Go-go style!

Invisible Benjamin, by Edgeling. Benjamin tries out her chameleon suit.

Defiance is Fruitless, by Edgeling. Piper faces off with that totally original creation, the Squagle Queen.

Pine Marten Mascot Benjamin, by Edgeling. Teen Benjamin in her mascot suit – so adorable!

Benjamin and Piper’s Fauxlodeck Family, by Edgeling. From gritty crime noir to domestic drama!

Ivy, by Edgeling, who persists in his ability to draw my characters way better than I can.

Intragalactic, by Guardian-Draca. Not really “fanart” since it’s a paid commission I ordered, but it was well worth it. A terrific portrait of Benjamin and Axl from a very talented artist.

Ben by Jennifer M-K of Bear With Me Cartoons. Benjamin sports a smokin’ miniskirt and heels in this holiday art exchange present. It might be pretty big if you don’t have some kind of auto-resize.

Scatchi by Daniel Willingham of Head Doctor Productions. An artist talented at drawing both cute girls and weird alien monstrosities, so she was a good subject.

Scatchi by Mild Concussion . A super cute picture!

Piper, by Olle of Ironborn. This picture really captures Piper’s mood.

Shower Scene, by Richard Karandosh. This one comes with a whole mini-story!:
“I don’t figure Axl and Piper are actually having an affair, but instead Cpt. Benjamin rescheduled reservations for the semi-sentient luv shower but forgot to tell Piper. So while Piper is soaping up she is joined by Axl who assumed that the captain was waiting for him. There is a tense minute of mute shock where nobody moves. (Well, Axl moves, but it’s an autonomic reaction and not under his conscious control.) Then they hear Benjamin come into the hygiene/hanky-panky pod and quick as a whistle Piper is out the side of the tub and stealthing out the door, leaving the captain none the wiser.”

Piper and Scatchi, by Jarrah James. Piper needs someone to comfort her, Scatchi needs a bigger pair of cutoffs.

CVS-0008 Paper Model (off-site) by Mike Hungerford – includes instructions on how to make your own!

Scatchi, in manic mode, by Agouti-Rex

Full of Glee, by JT of Between Failures. Gah-roovy!

Heroines, by Holden V. Crick. A whole bunch of different characters from lots of series new and old! It’s really neat!

Piper, by Toby. This one is so awesome! I love the way her face looks in profile, it’s got an almost caricature look to it.

Benjamin, by Toby. Another really great picture, I love Ben’s expression! Her attitude really comes through! This one has nudity, in case you’re someplace where you can’t look at that.

Ivy, by a reader. The very first fanart of Ivy! What a nice little picture!

Ben and Ivy, by a reader — it’s the M/D team-up! Ben certainly looks full of herself in this one – or of something, at least.

Scatchi Fastball, by Brian of Shifter. Scatchi and Ivy play some catch.